Topic Update in July

08/06/2021 | In July, new topics were again added to our app. Step by step, we are expanding the topic fields so that you can increase your knowledge in many sustainable ways. This time, there are three exciting new topics that will teach you something new every day. 

All topics published so far can be found here in our topic collection. 

New Topics in July 

The gods of the ancient Greeks are believed to guide the destinies of mankind. To help you find your way through the maze of all the gods, our new topic Greek Gods not only shows you the most famous gods like Zeus or Hera, but also tells you about legends and myths surrounding the powerful beings. 

From Al Capone to Vincenzo Peruggia: In our Famous Criminals topic, True Crime comes to life firsthand. In this topic you learn about the biography of the criminals, which crimes they have committed and how they became the people we know today. 

You are planning a trip to a German-speaking country, but you have no idea how to ask for directions? Then this introductory topic German for Tourists is just right for you. Learn how to order food in a restaurant, or how to find your way around. Step by step you will be able to increase your basic vocabulary and this way enjoy your next trip even more.