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Famous Criminals

What makes a crime or criminal so well known that people will remember it for life? Is it the particularly gruesome act? Or the great media response that follows the crime? Is it the particularly cunning, particularly striking, particularly cold-blooded perpetrators that we do not forget? Is it the mindless perpetrators or the poor lunatics who leave us shaking our heads?

As always in life, the reasons why some acts are remembered are different and varied. Nevertheless, we have many associations with this topic - just think of such famous names as Al Capone in Chicago, Jack the Ripper in London or Fritz Haarmann in Hanover, about whom you will also learn more here.

We do not want to glorify perpetrators or deeds with this topic. Our aim is to provide you with facts and figures about famous crimes in various fields of crime that have remained in people's collective memory and have therefore been and continue to be told, quoted, made into plays or filmed.