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Greek Gods

The world of gods and legends of Greek mythology are diverse and exciting and, despite their long history, have lost none of their fascination to this day. Zeus, Olympus, Titans, golden apples - we've heard it all before, but the world of gods, demigods and other mythological beings is also very confusing.

Who is Gaia again, who banished the Titans, what did Heracles have to do to be accepted into Olympus and which God has to be worshiped if one wants to find true love?

We'll try to fill in some of the gaps in your knowledge and give you some basic insights into the world of the Greek gods. Find out who did what to whom, which cruel acts of revenge are particularly worth mentioning and what Prometheus and the eagle are all about.

Because the traditions are so diverse, we stick to the most common ones to give you a general impression. We'll start with the creation story and a general introduction, and then from day 3 we'll focus exclusively on the individual gods. So have fun with Hera, Hades & Co.