Version 2.1

Update 2.1 – Small Innovations

12/23/2021 | Just in time for Christmas, we have a little present for you: Look forward to version 2.1 of your My Daily Input learning app! We have added many small and big innovations to make your learning experience even more intense. Discover all the highlights of the new update in our exciting news article.

Version 2.1 – What’s new?

Since the big update 2.0  you will never miss a Daily again. No matter if you are in the app every day, every week or irregularly. This way, you won’t lose any knowledge, and you can tailor your learning in your own pace and style.

With the Christmas update to version 2.1, you can now use your learning app even more interactively:

New Topics

From now on there is a new category in the menu item “Topics”. Between the tabs “ALL” and “MY” you will now also find the tab “NEW”. There you will find the last ten topics that have been published. This way, you don’t have to browse through all the categories to find brand-new content. In addition, you have the option to subscribe directly to the new topics and start learning right away. Convenient, isn’t it?

Rate Dailys

The My Daily Input app gets even more interactive. Rate individual Dailys and send us feedback directly! Did you like the Daily? Then let us know! Additionally, you can now email us right away from the Daily. So if you have questions about the sources, find a spelling mistake or just want to share praise or criticism, click on the little letter and let us hear from you. We welcome feedback of any kind, because we also want to improve step by step.


Under “More” you will find a new statistic. How many days in a row have you been in the app and what was your record? As of version 2.1, you can find this in your profile data. Break your own record and learn something new every day. We hope that we can motivate you to use the time on your phone for knowledge.

New Filters

There are also innovations in filtering. App version 2.1 allows you to search directly for topics you haven’t subscribed to yet. With nearly 150 topics in German, about 75 German-language quizzes, and nearly 80 topics in English, this is a great way to save time when searching. A second filter helps you find topics you haven’t seen all the Dailys of yet. This can happen if you have used the app before version 2.0 or if a topic has been cancelled. So use the new filters to complete your knowledge.

Update to Version 2.1

Under the menu item “More” you will find your current version at the bottom. You can easily update the app via the Google Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iOS) to get to the new version 2.1. If everything doesn’t go according to plan, let us know and email us with your problem and your user ID. You can also find it in the “More” section just below the version number.

We thank you for a great 2021 with My Daily Input and look forward to learning, discovering and sharing new knowledge with you in 2022. We wish you happy holidays and a great start into the new year!

Your My Daily Input-Team