Version 2.0 - No more missing out

Version 2.0 – New Update Available

10/19/2021 | The big update is here! With the new update to version 2.0 of your My Daily Input Learning-App, we are responding to the most frequent request of our users: From now on, you won’t miss any Dailys! In this article, we will tell you about the new features that await you with the new update. At the same time, we point out possible stumbling blocks that might cause confusion in the first few days.

No more missing out!

With version 2.0, we are changing the principle of the app. From now on, you decide yourself when you see the next Daily. Because from now on you wwill never miss a Daily, and therefore you won’t lose any knowledge about a topic.

Every visit to the app should feel good. That is our focus. Making it as easy as possible for you to learn something new, step by step. You decide how to make My Daily Input part of your daily routine. Whether you take the time to improve your general knowledge every day, every other day or once a week. With the new update we focus on positive motivation and want to encourage you to learn freely and individually with your learning app.

Stumbling stones in version 2.0

During the initial period, you may still experience minor bugs after updating.

  • Unfortunately, after the update, all of your previously subscribed topics will appear as “if you have actually seen all the Dailys that you could have seen”. However, this may not have been the case for completed topics before the update because you may not have been in the app every day.
  • After the update, you might see Dailys from a few days ago, so you are virtually reset to the status from the date of the release. Therefore, we recommend that you to install the update as soon as possible to avoid this stumbling block.

For all topics subscribed after the update, however,  the display is correct and should work flawlessly, because as of version 2.0 you can no longer miss any Dailys.

Which version do you have?

If you go to the app menu item “More”, you will also find your app version displayed under “Info”. If it doesn’t say v2.0.0, now is your chance to update your My Daily Input-App to the latest version.

The easiest way to update is probably to go directly to your individual store and manually update the app there:

We hope that you like the new features and at the same time we apologize for the obstacles. We are convinced that after the initial bumpy ride, the app experience will improve noticeably for you.

If you have any further questions, suggestions or criticism, just email us or contact us via social media.

Together, we want to continue working on our mission – “to make it as easy as possible for as many people as possible to learn something new every day”. We are not standing still and are already working on new ideas and topics so that you can enjoy My Daily Input and increase your knowledge every day. If you need some inspiration, discover our topic collection.

Always remember: Small steps lead to big effects.